Photo Recap: Jam Cruise 11 – The Music


It doesn’t really matter how many concerts you have been to, the music experience on Jam Cruise is like no other. So many artists together who love to play improvisational music put in a setting which cultivates musical collaboration and excellence. Just as some of the odd buffet salad combinations the MSC Poseia provides (c’mon, MSC, what was in that ‘Russian Salad’ you fed us?) it’s very likely you will find random unimaginable combinations of your favorite bands rocking out in any corner of the boat. From the Pool Deck stage to the piano in the atrium to the elevator that takes you to your room. It’s like no other experience in the world.

Everybody has a different musical journey and they are all ones to talk about with friends and strangers for years to come. The following are a few of my favorite photos which tell my musical journey on the ocean.

It was March 4th’s Marching Band’s first time on the boat and boy did they fit in rather fast. Energetic music, audience interaction, acrobatics, and lavish costumes are all attibutes that are encouraged on Jam Cruise. Their pool deck set on ‘Cirque du Funk’ night was a defining moment of Jam Cruise. Seeing all the crowd dressed up in circus costumes with March 4th provideng music and acrobatics was quite the spectacle. And unlike their visits to my local low-ceiling-ed establishment, the stilt-walkers really had room to stretch out!

I was truly blown away when Nikki Glaspie, drummer for dumpstafunk, hammered out a ridiculous drum solo. Then my jaw hit the ground when she started spitting Jay-Z Public Service and I think some Vivrant thing lyrics droppped into the freestyle while still holding down the beat. Holy….! and the crowd, most likely used to less hard edged lyrical stylings, ate up every moment of it.

Mike Dillon could be found all over the boat causing all sorts of ruckus wherever he went. You knew you were in for a treat if you you saw him stroll on stage. Whether he was screaming about iphones and andriods late night at the Jam Room or here on the theater stage with the Everyone Orchestra, Mike infused the room with frenetic energy. Characters like this are not only whole-heartedly welcome on the boat but they leave a long lasting impression and one of the many reasons to keep going back.

I took me a few moments to recognize Nicki Bluhm, but i had a huge smile on my face when I did, because i realized i have seen her countless times on youtube from her ‘van sessions‘. Definitely great to see fresh faces and new music on the boat. It is a testament to the year long dedication of cloud 9 to provide a new experience each and every year.

ALO was one of the bands I was most looking forward to seeing. I have heard great things about this west coast band, but never had a chance to see them in a live setting. I was able to catch them in the Zebra Lounge and again on the Pool Deck set on ‘Spinal Tap’ night. ALO’s brand of west coast feel good jams was a perfect fit on the floating resort and they fully got into the Spinal Tap spirit by dressing the part and absolutely destroying “Big Bottom”.

Check out the gallery below for a few more of my favorite shots from the week and look out later this week for photos of the people and places that make Jam Cruise the most exciting musical spectacle anywhere!

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