Photo Recap: Jam Cruise 11 – The Experience

Hi!  That’s me.  And this is a photo journal of my experience on Jam Cruise 11.  I am pretty sure everyone by now has the jist what goes down musically on the boat   (if not, please refer to my photo recap of The Music on Jam Cruise 11).  But every music festival has music that rages til sunrise, right?  I wanted dedicate this article to share what makes the Jam Cruise experience separate itself from your typical land based fest.

One of the first moments of joy that most Jam Cruisers experience is finding your friends at the port of call in Ft. Lauderdale.  Some wear matching shirts to identify themselves, others just have a huge smile and a ‘Wanna Volunteer!’ sign.  The end result is always the same: big hugs and the first recognition that an incredible journey is just beginning.

For the most part, your luggage will arrive at your door not too long after you purchase your drink ticket packs (BBC vouchers) and find your room.  I wouldn’t call it a ‘tiny’ room, I prefer ‘cozy’.  We had four in our cozy room, two on pull-down bunks and two on twin beds.  Our port hole had a stunning view of the life boat hanging just outside the window.  I strongly recommend that you decorate your door.  It’s a creative and fun way to distinguish your room from all the others and is highly encouraged on the boat.  Here is our door decoration that was created by all room members and masterfully pieced together by our own @weezawear

Whatever you need, the staff is always there to accommodate with a smile on their faces.  Take a moment to chat with them, they have great stories.  They enjoy the spectacle as well, as from what i gather, the MSC Poseia is quite tame when it is not booked by the likes of us.

So costumes are a big thing.  Jam Cruise is the place where everyones internal furry gets to come out and shine!  This year’s official costume nights were Blue Lagoon, Spinal Tap, and Cirque du Funk and there are unofficial costume nights and nights where you might just wanna wear something crazy!   While there may be some time spent applying eyelashes, purple wigs, zebra ears, and glitter (LOTS OF GLITTER)…

… the end results are fabulous!

Once dressed and ready to go, most people congregate on the main deck of the boat, which boasts a pool, multiple hot tubs, and two of the six official music stages.

But at this point you are free to do whatever makes you feel good!  Maybe playing giant Jenga on the pool deck is your thing, go for it!

Or just relaxing to some Wind Stage tunes as the sun descends on the horizon.

Pro Tip:  the music on the schedule is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to music.  Impromptu jams can appear in any crevice of the boat…

..from ‘The Spot’, to the stairwells, to the corners of the pool deck.  You almost get accustomed to the elevator doors opening with a full band jamming out inside, times like those, you just gotta take the stairs.

Between greening and positive legacy initiatives, there were ample ways to help out while you party down.  You could purchase carbon offsets, volunteer, spend cash in the silent auction, rehabilitate a playground for caribbean school children.  I had a great experience volunteering.  My ‘job’ was to bring pictures and items around to the various artists to be signed.

Those autographed items were then auctioned in a silent auction with proceeds going to Positive Legacy.  Congrats to the cruisers who donated time, energy, and nearly $9,000 of cash.

People come from far and wide to rock the boat.  Like this guy,  I think he said he was from outer space.  He let me borrow his glasses so I could see the world the way he sees it…

…far out, man!

Pro Tip #2: dressing up as Pac Man and running from ghosts at top speed throughout the hallways, stairwells,and decks is not only a vigorous workout, but also just may be the best time of your life!

Cirque Du Funk costume night was already ripe to be a crazy night, couple that with antics of March 4th on the main stage and the costume contest, it was the perfect storm.  People went all out…

some went silly, some went sexy…

Some went wild…

Some went high class…

Others… not so much (this dude won the costume contest, i think doing ‘the worm’ pushed him over the top).

But needless to say, everyone was into it!

Even the most lovable cruise director I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet: Annabel!

This embrace was moments after the third place costume was announced.  A girl screamed ‘THAT’S MY DAD!!!!’  Great moments like these happen all over the boat, you just have to put yourself in the right place and surround yourself with great people!

The party rages on and the people are happy to go with the flow

Remember to hug your favorite LED hooper, they make the world a better place

With all excitement on the boat, you might forget that there is plenty of fun to be had at the ports as well.  I personally enjoy the change of scenery and the novelty of standing on dry land.

This years ports were Grand Turk and Coco Cay.  And although you were not allowed on the rocks, there was still many other delights to be had on land.

Many decided to rest after a long night of music and shenanigans.

Some decided to stretch and recenter their chi with yoga on the beach

The setting was so perfect that this adorable couple got married!  Gratz to the Zoogma family!  (what the fuck is zoogma?)

Myself? I grabbed a local brew, sat back and enjoyed the music.  Because, before you know it, it’s time to get back on the boat!

If anyone wants to hear more of my thoughts from jam cruise 11, check out my guest spot on the This Week On Lot ‘Special Report: Jam Cruise 11‘.

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