Photo Recap: Flux Capacitor @ The Abbey Bar – 3/1/2013

Flux Capacitor, a band consisting of three brothers from the ‘City of Brotherly Love’, has been making some psychedelic noise on the east coast jam scene.  After just being named Tri-State Indie Jam Band of the Year, I was excited to experience a Flux encounter here in Central PA.

As soon as flux fired off the first notes of their set, I had a flood of fond memories from my early festival days.  Energetic, feel good jams and adventurous song compositions that would be right at home on a warm summer festival evening.

Powerful vocals and silky over-driven guitar solo’s had just the right amount of presence among the keyboard and drum rhythms.

Mike Specht did an amazing job anchoring the bands sound on keys.  I thought the melodic keyboard playing and vocal harmonies were impressive enough until I realized that Flux doesn’t have a bassist and Mike was holding that down too

Flux Capacitor’s upcoming tour  dates are centered around the Pennsylvania music sheds.  So if you are lucky enough to be in the area, i’d highly recommend checking them out.  If you are not in the PA area, just sit tight, I have a feeling they will be coming your way sooner than later.

And always remember to hug your local LED hoopers!

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