Jam Cruise 11 – Yoga with Alica

In addition to non-stop music, Jam Cruise offers many other activities to engage the passengers.  This year, Jam Cruise offered Yoga with Alicia on the boat.  Set on two beautiful locations, one at sea on the aft deck and one in a secluded area on the beach in Coco Cay, Bahamas.  At her request, I photographed her two Yoga sessions.  I was very excited to to do the shoots.  It’s not very often I can do a photo shoot on the beach in the Bahamas.

I did not consider that 12am classes would be so difficult to make (wow, haven’t said that since college), but 5am dance sessions added a certain level of difficulty to task.  However cool breezes and mid-day sun eased some of the haze.

I was actually quite jealous of the attendees who showed up for the class.  I definitely could have used a nice deep stretch.  And carrying the beefy D700 and equally beefy 80-200 lens seemed like an anchor around my neck.  I probably could have used the smaller 50mm prime, but the range of the 80-200 allowed me to get some intimate shots without seeming intrusive to the class.  I did my best to hang back and try to stay out of people fields of view.  I would imagine it’s difficult to get your ohm on with a photographer and a camera in your face.

The turn out was great, as I think many other people realized how a solid yoga session can really start the day off great and is in my opinion a fantastic juxtaposition of raging out all night.  Even some of the artists found their way to the yoga sessions!

It was very inspiring to see all of the serene expressions during the classes.  There were moments of true bliss had by many of the cruisers in attendance and quite a few came up to Alicia afterwards to thank her for her service.  The experience for me was quite fun as well both as an academic learning experience trying to do my best in carribean mid-day light as well as enjoying the location and the simple fun of taking photos.

Check out the rest of the gallery below and if you happen to be in the Central PA area, be sure check out Yoga with Alicia on facebook.

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  1. Weezy says:

    Thanks so much for all the great shots!

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